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        Our service concept runs through the whole process of the project: from R&D and designing to processing and testing, from product manufacturing to after-sales service, from process optimizing to quality controlling, we provide high-quality, all-round services from beginning to end. Lancer's technology R&D team provides professional solutions, after-sales service team provides regular inspection and 24-hour service to ensure timely and proper solution to user’s after-sales problems.
        Service Range
        • Pre-sales Consulting
          Lancer provides users with professional pre-sales consulting services,including the structure of the equipment appearance,process parameters,location layout, instructions etc,as well as the proposal of the pipe,valve,instrumentation,electrical control system,construction,installation and other aspects.
          Conceptual Design
          Lancer uses 2D or 3D graphics to display design scheme of each product in detail according to different user's request,in the case of special occasions or irregular complex structure of high temperature and high pressure,our professional R&D capability can carry on the structural optimization design of applying the method of FEA,also through the flow field simulation,test data and a large number of successful cases,to choose the best economic and structural solutions for users.
        • Technology R&D
          Lancer has a powerful technology research and development strength and a number of patented technologies,cooperates closely with the domestic and foreign well-known research institutions,universities and the experts,has gained abundant achievements in the theory of structure design,technological process,at the same time the company's technology research and development team is able to skillfully use various countries' design and manufacture specification for product,to meet the user's product requirements from different countries and regions of the world.
        • Project Management
          We have one-to-one project manager for each project,provide professional services to the project management at all stages of the project to control strictly of progress and quality,to ensure the successful completion of the project objectives on schedule with every user's trust and satisfaction.
        • Quality Inspection & Transportation
          Lancer's inspectors in the product manufacturing process,in strict accordance with the process to check the product details,must complete the inspection of the whole process,the whole scope,the omni-direction,to guarantee the quality of every equipment.For each equipment of the packing and shipping,the company strictly enforce the requirements of standards,to avoid the equipment damaged in the equipment installation and user site acceptance,makes every effort securely,timely and completely to transport the equipment to the user.
          Installation & Commissioning
          We can provide complete installation and commissioning services,guide installation and commissioning of the equipment,train the equipment use personnel detailedly,until user satisfaction.
        • Maintenance & On-Site Inspection
          In the process of operation,if there are any problems in the equipment,the users can give real-time emergency feedback.We guarantee that the problem identification and the solution can be completed within 24 hours.Also we can help the domestic/foreign user to solve the problem within 3/10 days.The company will contact users regularly to understand the use of equipment,and communicate with users about potential problems that may occur during the use of products. At the same time, it will collect feedback from users to provide better development direction for equipment research and development.
          Spare Parts Service
          In order to quickly respond to user's spare parts needs,Lancer has set up a special spare parts warehouse that equipped with abundant original factory accessories to solve user's worries about equipment maintenance and maintenance.Through rapid delivery and distribution,reducing user's waiting time and the risk of equipment downtime.
        • Technology Training
          We have experts in the field of technology and theory research, at the same time there are 30+ experienced senior engineers,to provide users with the most practical professional technical training,to ensure the perfect combination of equipment and process,including equipment structure and the principle of training,installation skills training,equipment operation training, equipment maintenance inspection training,spare parts installation training,production technology training,the training materials processing technology,industry dynamic training.
          Relying on years of market experience and equipment application experience,we can provide users with professional upgrading and transformation services and high-performance equipments to replace the old,improve production efficiency and product quality for users and enable users to get greater returns through less investment.
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